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Utilizing the most advanced technologies in CNG-powered vehicles, our exclusive GreenLync™ technology is the answer to fuel management with peace of mind.


Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies utilizes the GreenLync 2.0 electronic communication system for its line of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solutions for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks.

Since the beginning, Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies' CNG fuel systems have been utilizing the most advanced technologies in CNG-powered vehicles. Our exclusive GreenLync technology is the answer to fuel management and driver confidence. And while others may have imitated our technology, it does not come standard with their fuel system. It is, and always has been, standard with Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies.

Created with the operator in mind, our recently enhanced in-dash driver message center reports details on how your fuel system is operating while focusing on safety and improving the accuracy of troubleshooting for technicians. Simply put, GreenLync technology will provide your drivers with a new level of confidence and a diesel-like experience.


Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies was the first CNG fuel system manufacturer to utilize the J1939 data link diagnostics to connect the truck’s fuel system, fuel management module (FMM) and engine. Our GreenLync technology is fully integrated to display the live fuel pressure reading, temperature-compensated fuel level and distance-to-empty to our in-dash driver message center. And by design, our system provides the most accurate readings possible to reduce range anxiety and give drivers the peace of mind they deserve.


Every Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies system includes a fuel management module which fully integrates with Geotab and other compatible telematics platforms, allowing fleet managers to monitor their fuel usage and better manage their fuel consumption. Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies' FMM, which houses the electronics, fuel filter and fuel-fill receptacles, features custom bolt-on brackets to match most existing bolt holes. And it was designed to easily integrate with other systems as a direct replacement for less-efficient FMMs on the market for heavy- and medium-duty vehicles. This drop-in option is valuable to customers who need to replace their FMM and want a new system designed with performance, serviceability and durability in mind.


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The GreenLync driver message center displays the live fuel pressure reading, temperature-compensated fuel level and distance-to-empty.


GreenLync 2.0 technology integrates directly with Cummins’ engine ECM, notifying your driver of fuel system status. And through our development work with Cummins, we can now interpret fuel system information to provide enhanced technician troubleshooting benefits, such as reducing false occurrence of trouble codes.


GreenLync technology integrates with Geotab, as well as other compatible telematics platforms, so enabled fleets can receive fuel management reports from their vehicles in real-time.


Because safety is not an option, GreenLync technology shuts off the fuel supply to the engine in the event of an accident.