Design and Manufacturing

We spent over 5,200 hours talking to customers about their needs and then incorporated that feedback into the design, engineering and manufacture of our Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies CNG Fuel Systems.  The result is a system that’s lighter, fills faster and is aerodynamically styled for high performance.

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engineered for fast-filling and accurate fuel levels

We engineered our system to maximize fill rates.  Our design includes oversized plumbing with fewer bends and fittings and a high-flow ball valve.  And with our parallel-flow fill system, fuel flows straight from the manifold to all tanks simultaneously.  The system comes standard with both transit-fill and time-fill fuel ports with front-bumper or passenger-side fueling options.

Built in safeguards to increase driver confidence and reduce range anxiety

Our system features a pressure regulator which allows fuel utilization at a significantly lower PSI than many competitive systems.  This lower operating pressure provides increased range compared to similar capacity systems.  The pressure regulator, designed for higher service intervals, reduces leak points and weight with a high-capacity filter that is larger than most competitive products.  And Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies' exclusive GreenLync™ technology increases driver confidence with a more accurate distance-to-empty display.

Our temperature-compensated fuel-level system reflects accurate gas and pressure levels so drivers won’t feel the need to make continual fuel top-offs on the road.  The Electronic Control Module (ECM) converts the tank readings through the Fuel Level Interface Module (FLIM) and outputs the signal to your factory installed fuel gauge.

Aerodynamically styled

To maintain truck aesthetics and increase fuel efficiency, we obsessed as much over the design details as we did the system function.  Curved corners and a raked top enhance aerodynamics.  Body lines in side mount system styling and large-radius corners on the back of cab systems match OEM designs so the systems look as good as they perform.

Designed for durability

Not only does the system look good, it’s also durable.  Rubber isolators between the system and frame rails minimize vibration and system shock, and a piano hinge on the door maintains strength and durability.  The electrical wiring harness includes heavy-duty Deutsch connectors with color-coded TXL wires.  And all systems come standard with neck-mounted tanks to eliminate abrasion and extend tank life.

Lightweight and efficient

Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies systems are lightweight by design.  They are constructed of aluminum and fiberglass composite materials with extrusions in the frame corners, base rails and cross members.  Our tanks are manufactured to weigh 25% less and are 27% more weight volume efficient compared to our competitors’ similar sized tanks.

Sustainable quality in manufacturing

We’ve invested millions of dollars to assure consistent quality in every system we manufacture.  Our 109,000 square foot CNG-dedicated facility features multiple assembly lines and state-of-the-art machining equipment.  All major system components are manufactured on-site using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma processes to help ensure repeatable accuracy and sustainable quality, minimizing supply chain delays.