We serve more than the refuse, over the road, construction, port and beverage industries.  Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies' CNG fuel system solutions are ideal for companies in any industry seeking to increase efficiency and decrease the carbon footprint of their fleet.

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Light-duty delivery vehicles and mail haulers

The USPS employs more than 212,000 mail hauling vehicles traveling 1.28 billion miles per year.  However, less than one quarter of the USPS fleet has the ability to use alternative fuel.  The USPS and private package delivery services stand to realize significant cost savings and greatly reduce their carbon impact by converting portions of their gas and diesel fleets to CNG.


Natural gas is cleaner, cheaper and easier on engines than diesel and gasoline, leading to longer vehicle life and fewer maintenance costs.  Companies from the construction industry to public utilities have taken advantage of these benefits and created a competitive advantage by converting their fleets to CNG.